A safety alert issued from NSW
Mine Chief Inspector stated the following recommendations
for testing pressure integrity of equipment:

‘Establish safe work systems that protect workers in the event of pressure equipment that failed the test in a catastrophic manner. Where possible consider engineering controls, such as guards or removing people from the test area. ‘Path of the hydraulic oil hole in the hydraulic hose. through the hand of the wounded.

Reference: NSW Department of Industry
Resources and Energy
Mine safety alert number: SA15-08


Safe-Gauge has created a safer and more efficient way to test hydraulic pressure in any system up to 600 bar in the mining, construction, rail, and marine industries. allows the technician to test various pressures instantly, maintaining a safe distance – away from the “Line of Fire”.

The easy-to-use Safe Gauge wireless transducer kit includes four accurate color-coded pressure sensors, wirelessly connected to a portable touchscreen monitor with all components in our heavy-duty carrying case.


The Safe-Gauge wireless connection is compatible up to 50 meters away, allowing the technician to maintain a safe distance from the risk zone during a pressure test. Unlike traditional pressure gauges, test lines are not necessary, which eliminates the risk of tangled or stuck lines (especially when working near handles or transmission shafts).

Being WIRELESS also eliminates the chance of fluid injection if a gauge or test line explodes during the test. The Portable Safe-Gauge is a complete electronic device that does not contain pressure, unlike a traditional pressure gauge.