Human Hoist LLC is an ergonomic personal positioning technology design and manufacturing company. The Human Hoist powered workshop chair has been in development and testing for 8 years. Our focus is quality and durability and we produce an excellent industrial-grade tool. There is nothing else on the planet that makes what Human Hoist does.

The Human Hoist workshop electric chair was designed exclusively to lift and support the human body for work. Designed with 3-point table casters, the Human Hoist slides effortlessly from one position to another and can be anchored with the wheel locks as needed. The Human Hoist can be stopped in any position in its displacement to function equally, as a chair, an adjustable bench, or a creeper.


The Human Hoist Motorized Workshop Chair eliminates bending, bending and crawling when working under or around objects. The smooth motorized movement of the seated to lying and back up positions avoids tensions and sprains.


Perfect positioning is effortless, with the nine-position backrest fully adjustable and the separate headrest with five positions. Full support ensures workers are comfortable and can do their jobs quickly and efficiently.

Proper positioning allows employees to work in accepted ergonomic ranges of motion and provides the best viewing angles to promote high-quality workmanship with minimal physical effort.

Human Hoist effortlessly delights in spaces with a minimum clearance of 35cm. Workers remain clean and dry.